The World Wars had a momentous impact across the world, two all-consuming conflicts that were unprecedented in their destruction and loss.


Everyone knows someone who became involved. Not all were military personnel.


Countless civilians selflessly put themselves at risk and were active in keeping the country going through the work and services they provided. Many did more than ‘their bit’ and were injured or lost their lives in doing so – these are who we want to remember. 


H8R0ES seeks to raise awareness of the sacrifices made by these unsung heroes through the sale of our poignantly designed pin badges.

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H8R0ES Ltd is not a Registered Charity. 

It was set up primarily to provide a route for those who wanted to openly recognise the contributions those outside the Armed Forces made 80 years ago in defending Britain from invasion and maintaining the freedoms we still enjoy today.

The majority of the merchandise we sell is of our own design and manufactured to our requirements. There are obviously costs we incur in making such items available; Amazon, Ebay PayPal and VAT take significant cuts.


Likewise the distribution to purchasers carries a cost. As such, the final sums on a purchase that we can pass to a worthy cause  are often 20% or less of the original purchase price.

H8R0ES Ltd , to reconfirm it’s roll, sells merchandise for those who want to demonstrate their empathy and sympathy for those who were involved in conflict. We partner with and donate funds to what we regard to be causes that mirror our position, all in line with Fundraising Regulations.


Read a recent "Thank You" letter from Imperial War Museum here:

What did Grandad do in the war...?

My son asked me once, with the expectation of hearing of daring deeds, “What did Grandad do in the war?”. The deflation in his expression when I explained that his Grandfather had ‘only’ served in the Navy at the end of the second world war and had come home unscathed, has always bothered me.

Especially as we come closer to ‘Poppy day’, every year I feel somewhat disengaged. As much as I support the fund raising made for our armed forces through the Poppy Appeal at this time, none of my relatives were in the armed forces in WW2 (apart from my father in 1945).


However, one of my Grandfathers was a Merchant Seaman, a stoker, and came under fire on the convoys and was sunk once, luckily survived and still returned to sail again and saw out the war.


To me, he, like so many, alongside those in the fishing fleets, Lifeboats, firefighters, dockers etc are unsung Heroes who didn’t carry arms but came under fire. Many died and were injured.


To me they all should be remembered.

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Supported Charities

Our family is also passionate about our responsibilities to animals. Many join in our conflicts, to help and also save our lives. They don’t have any choice and they did, and still do a magnificent job. We feel strongly that they should be remembered as well.

With all this in mind, we wanted to give those that share our feelings a way of being able to recognise those that aren’t normally remembered at this time.


On this site are a series of pin badges that most people will have an affinity and empathy with:


They can openly demonstrate their support and memories with Honour. Not only that, they can also do so knowing that proceeds from the sale of the badges will go to relevant charitable causes that continue to work today to keep memories alive and help those in need:

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