In the 80 years since the outbreak of the Second World War, there have been more non-military deaths and injuries than in the entire history of human conflict.

It's time to remember the unsung heroes of war.

Every family has someone. Show the world they matter.

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The Miracle of Dunkirk

80 years ago, nearly 350,000 British and Allied troops were evacuated from Dunkirk against all the odds whilst under bombardment and aerial attack from German forces closing in on the beaches.


Winston Churchill himself anticipated that with the rate of the German advances, the British forces would at best only evacuate around 35,000 troops.


80 years ago it turned out to be a window of heroism for all  those involved: The Royal Navy ships that evacuated troops from the eastern breakwater, known as ‘The Mole’, and the fleet of over 120 civilian ships that came from England to collect personnel.

This was also one of the first major engagements of British and German combat aircraft, with British fighter squadrons, outnumbered, trying to hold back the Luftwaffe bombing raids.

Let us remember all those involved and the courage they showed, especially the unarmed civilian boat crews who risked their lives to help bring the soldiers home!

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Women in War -

St Pauls in the Blitz

Thousands of women were, and still are, involved in conflict.


From current military services and going back to the Women's Land Army, communications, factory workers, nursing - the list is endless.


Not all were on the Front Line, but all put themselves at risk.

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Battle of Britain

Images of our brave aircrews flying out against the odds to defend our shores still hold strong.


However, we should also remember those behind the front lines who came under fire behind them, from the radar operators and air traffic controllers, to ground crews and other auxiliaries.

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Perils at Sea

Our Naval forces rightly deserve recognition.


Many of those involved were based ashore and came under fire.

However, we must also pay tribute to the Merchant Seamen. They found themselves at risk from the Arctic to the Pacific, as well as those who worked closer to home in the Docks and Lifeboats.

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On the Ground

80 years ago, average men, women and children in Britain found themselves facing direct attack through bombing raids. Many lived and worked in cities doing everyday jobs and became targets.

Many others worked to help the war effort in factories, communications and other services that became direct targets for enemy activity.


These unsung heroes kept Britain running and many died or were injured in the process.


Every family had or has someone involved. Let's celebrate them. Wear one of our lapel badges today


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Animals by our side

Many, many animals have joined in human conflict.


They have no choice but to faithfully help us and save those in danger.


We remember these loyal and brave friends who gave their lives and today continue to serve us in many ways.

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